Double Star

Double Star


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Name a double star

  1. ☆ Two four-color print registry certificates with your names of choice and your star’s scientific details.  Enter both names (e.g., “Jasmin & Michael”) and you’ll receive two registry certificates: one for each person
  2. ☆ A “My Star Registry” booklet with a lot of great information about the stars, as well as instructions on how to use the software to find your star in the sky
  3. ☆ A magnificent gift folder for all documents
  4. ☆ Within 24 hours of your purchase you’ll receive your free advance personal registry certificate, the booklet, and a link to the software as a PDF via email.A double star consists of two stars that are so close to each other in the sky that, as seen from Earth, they’re virtually joined together. They can oftentimes appear as just one star. Double stars form a physical unit and are gravitationally coupled to each other, orbiting a common center of gravity. The orbital periods range from a few days to thousands of years. The velocities and the distance to each other change with the rhythm of the orbital period. Registering a double star is a very special gift. The connection between the two single stars symbolizes the magical bond of a unique relationship between two people. They orbit each other and stay together forever.